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An evening of storytelling from Doug Scott

Those of us inspired by the wild places, and mountains in particular, get our fix from the mountains in the UK and of course they should not be sniffed at. However, those of you who are familiar with our World Challenge expeditions will already be aware there are a number of our students who challenge themselves to take on larger mountains, often in far flung destinations. Some are inspired by images they have seen on the TV and film, some from reading about adventures at a young age and some from hearing other people’s stories of adventure. To those of us who love a good adventure story we can still only dream of the wild places the famous British mountaineer Doug Scott has been, the danger he has found himself in, the friendships he forms with varied people of different cultures and in particular, we can barely imagine dragging ourselves off a 7000 metre mountain with two broken legs. However Alex Lee in Year 13 had already heard some of these inspiring stories at a previous talk he had been to, given by Doug, and so when planning how he would raise his funds to pay for his expedition to Nepal in July 2018, he decided to ask if Doug would come and tell his stories to those of us who reside in the flatlands of Lincolnshire.

Doug, founder of community action Nepal, was pleased to support Alex and so agreed to talk at the Terry O’Toole theatre in North Hykeham about the details of that eventful mountain adventure on the Ogre in 1977. Alex went to work organising the event with support from his family, advertising it and ensuring Doug could promote the charity work he is very passionate about, which is linked to Nepal. On the evening, the audience was full of eager fellow adventurers, with one common interest: high mountains and their intrigue. Alex very professionally introduced Doug who spoke fondly about the work he and his team have been doing in Nepal since the devastating earthquake in 2015 before he had us all gripped with his story of survival on the Ogre. He then signed photographs from various mountaineering achievements which were auctioned, along with signed books. Doug also spent time speaking to individuals about his passion for adventure. From the event, successfully and so professionally organised by Alex, money has been raised, not only for Alex towards his expedition next year, but also for community action Nepal. What an amazing achievement for Alex, knowing that all his hard work has paid off! We will certainly see the benefits once we arrive in the Nepalese Himalayas in July 2018! Thank you Alex for facilitating a gripping evening with one of the great British-born mountaineers.


Miss Earnshaw