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Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

We are very pleased that, despite some demanding procedural changes, we are still able to run the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme at Sir Robert Pattinson Academy.

We believe that education is also about preparing young people to succeed outside of school.  Extra-curricular activities not only help students to develop their personal skills, getting involved in interests outside of the classroom also helps young people to prepare for life at university and into the workplace.

We are therefore so very proud of the 19 students, who persevered and finalized their award sections during the last five months and received their Bronze, Silver or Gold award certificates.  How resourceful they were!

In the volunteering section, they helped out at youth clubs, Girl Guides, Beavers, Scout Association, sports clubs, animal rescue centres and charity shops. They developed skills and learning about dog handling, languages, bird watching, cooking, woodturning, gardening, cooking and playing instruments. For their physical section they worked on their fitness levels doing martial arts, running, ballet, netball, aqua-aerobics, table tennis and working out in the gym. Of course they all went on a practice and qualifying expedition as well, which we could not undertake without our band of volunteers!

The successful students are: Sam Perkins, Sophie Luckcuck, Olivia Luckcuck, Charlotte Luckcuck, Freya Wright, Alex Morley, Luke Spurr, James Tyson, Josh Flowers, Sarah White, Eve Hodson, Laura Scarr, Iva Magpantay, Zoe Kettleborough, Charlotte Mason, Sophie Alexander, Emily Traves, Victoria Wilson and Ieuan Phillips.

A huge WELL DONE to all of you!

Due to changes instigated by the DofE headquarters nationally, we‘ve had a late start this year with the new intake of participants. However, despite the resulting increase in costs, 26 students have taken up the DoE challenge and have been planning and starting their section activities.

The new students are; Ellie Botham, Danny Clift Bowmar, Jacob Brundell, Raul Christer, Freya Dawson, Max Dixon, Emily Fenn, Hermione Hall, Luke Holmes, Ria Hurdley, Ben Jones, Harriet Lowry, Mitchell Martin, Daniel McCarthy, Sophie McIntyre, Laura Miles, Jamie Moffat, Fraser Mosley, Harvey Nolan, Rhys Phillips, Adam Powles, Michael Pryor, Matthew Roberts, Casey Stanham, Kieran Whitehead, Elissa Wood, James Waterfield and Toby McNeil.

We wish them all the very best and hope they have loads of fun during their new, worthwhile adventure!

The SRPA DoE team