Our International Dimension

Lebanese Project

We have a partnership between ourselves and a school in Lebanon. Our students, especially Year 7, are currently working on a number of mini-projects with the students in Lebanon.
The aims are that students understand more thoroughly what life is like for young people in another, very contrasting country. They also put their language skills into practice by conversing with the foreign students.
The project was supplemented by our Lebanese Day: each subject brought life to our school link through a themed day. Students baked Lebanese biscuits, took inspiration from Lebanese art, wrote accounts of a Lebanese child’s day, played a typical Lebanese game in PE and wrote postcards in French to introduce themselves to their pen pal.
This is one example of a number of links we have had with foreign schools over time. Previous schools have been in China, Italy and, in the future Finland.

Mock European Parliament Debate

This is organised annually by the British Council; a delegation of sixth form students, usually linguists or those interested in politics, attend and take the role of a foreign minister for one of the European countries. For example, our students have represented Portugal in the past. Following time to prepare their case, which usually requires an extensive amount of research into their allocated country, students debate two current topics. Previous examples have included air quality and youth unemployment.
The delegation are supported by the debating club and the language department before they attend; part of their presentation has to be conducted in a modern foreign language.
Last time we took part in the debate, our students were supported by Nick Clegg and other very prominent European politicians to prepare their case.