Our Values and Ethos

As a modern, forward thinking academy we have retained our traditional ethos and values after celebrating sixty years of Robert Pattinson School.

Our principal aim is to enable students to fulfil their potential, not merely as separate personalities but also as contributory members of society.

Positive Attitudes

We are strict and uphold our standards throughout the school and our community.

We encourage positive attitudes and aim to provide an environment in which all learners feel valued, challenged and secure; where they can develop the skills and confidence to become young adults prepared for the future challenges of an exciting and increasingly global world. We aim to foster a desire for learning that will continue into adult life.

The Best Qualifications Possible

We want our students to be the best educated in the region.

We provide a range of learning experiences which provide the maximum opportunity for all our students to achieve the best qualifications possible.

Outstanding Support

We want every student to be looked after, not only academically, but socially and personally.

Students need to be happy and safe at school; the support that we provide reflects the British position of teachers ‘in loco parentis’. Every student deserves attention and should be treated as if they were our own children.

Developing Morals

We want our students to grow up to be the very best of our society.

Students and children learn by observation; as teachers, we recognise that every time we talk to them or to each other, we are modelling the behaviours and attitude that we want our students to develop.
We want our students to grow up to be the very best role models in society; living as moral, honest, caring and trustworthy citizens.

It is a harmonious community built on mutual respect where all students are valued. There is a strong concern and commitment for ensuring that each student is supported to achieve their best. Students are suitably prepared for the next stage in their education or progression into employment.

Ofsted May 2011