Our Visits Programme

We believe that all of our students should visit museums, musicals, plays, sporting events and, wherever possible, foreign countries. It is only by seeing the world around us first hand that our students truly experience life and culture, and learn from it.

Going to London to see The Lion King was the best! I really enjoyed learning a dance from The Lion King…It was great how we learnt the routine in different stages, and even better to [later] see our dance instructor live in the performance!

Experiencing Culture

Every department within our school offers a range of educational visits and trips. There is a huge variety of visits; they vary from business studies trips to local businesses, right up to charitable projects on the other side of the world. Inbetween, there is an outstanding array of visits to museums, shows and important geographical sites.

Everyone should have good memories of school visits

They enrich learning and, when carefully planned as part of our overall curriculum, enchance the education of our pupils. Our programme, far from being expensive, is always planned so affordability is kept in mind.

Affordability: school should be for everyone, trips included.

We always keep costs in mind; we are also developing a calendar of visits for the duration of students’ time at the academy so families can think carefully about the opportunities they would like students to experience. Some of our visits are heavily subsidised; as an example, a number of students travel on five-day exchange visits to European countries for around £40 through our participation in the Comenius project. For students who are eligible for free school meals, support with the cost of visits is also available.


19 July 2016

From The Classroom To The Workplace: Sir Robert Pattison Academy students find out how what they learn at school translates…

Palace Trip For DofE

16 June 2016

Miss Earnshaw’s Trip to The Palace During February half term I was intrigued to find a rather posh looking envelope…

DofE Bronze expedition

22 March 2016

2/3 of the Bronze participants went on their first expedition in Youlgreave, Derbyshire last weekend. They were glamping it up…

The school has strong international links and offers an impressive range of visits in this country and abroad.

Upcoming Visits



Y7 Boulogne Visit – June 2016


The total cost for the trip will be £220.
Payment schedule:
Deposit of £60 has been received.
Further payments:
Either the outstanding amount of £160 by 8 January 2016,
Another £50 by Friday 8 January 2016
A further £55 by Friday 5 February 2016
Remaining £55 by Friday 4 March 2016

Payments by cheque only– made payable to Sir Robert Pattinson Academy- and forward to Ms van Zijl, Languages Office. If you have no other option but to pay by cash please ensure it is forwarded to Ms van Zijl only and ensure your child knows to wait for your payment card to be signed and returned instantly.

Please hand in your payment card every time when making a payment. It is your proof of payment and it will be returned to you.

Letters and Forms