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Important changes to uniform

SCHOOL uniform for female students at Sir Robert Pattinson will be changed for the next academic year in order to harmonise the full school uniform.

The current blue skirt and trousers are to be swapped with a grey pleated skirt or grey trousers – matching the colour of the boy’s uniform.

The new pleated skirts come down to the knee and are designed so they cannot be folded over at the waist, raising the hemline.

New grey uniform can be worn from Easter but will not be compulsory until the new academic year in September this year. It is hoped the option gives parents more scope to switch when it suits them or fits in with their children’s growth.

 ““Yet in my experience as a teacher and a parent, and even distantly as a student, I have never wavered from an unshakeable belief that a well-managed and disciplined school uniform policy is the bedrock of a happy and successful school and the senior staff and the governors are in complete agreement,” said headteacher Dale Hardy.

“Firstly it is important that the boys and girls uniforms match. The school takes enormous pride in playing a positive role in the local community and presenting a consistent and smart image is an important part of that process.

“A school’s reputation is critical in ensuring pupils can secure work placements, college and university places and jobs.

“In addition it is crucial that we create a calm and safe environment in which our pupils can learn and dressing decently is crucial. Unfortunately the current uniform allows some pupils to wear the skirts in a way that is inappropriate.

“I should make it clear that I have great respect for individuality – creative ideas and independent thought are crucial elements of a good education.

“But it is equally important to create a sense of collective belonging – a comradeship and unity which encourages that creativity rather than stifles it – and a consistent uniform is crucial in creating that union.

 “Finally we are confident that the new style skirt is more readily and widely available than the current version, making it easier for parents to buy.”

Both new options are available from the current supplier Uniform Direct. Both grey skirt and trousers are available starting at the same price as parents currently pay.

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