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COVID-19 Update 01-11-2020

General update – Covid-19

As half term comes to an end and we return tomorrow to a seven week half term, I am writing to you with my latest update.
It is clear that the country stands on the edge of a precipice in relation to soaring coronavirus infections. Fortunately, we have seen a smaller infection rate in Lincolnshire comparative to other authorities but, despite being relative, the rate locally continues to rise.


As I write, the infection rate in North Kesteven has risen yet again, as has the national average. When I last wrote to you, there were 107 cases per 100,000 people. It now stands at 132 cases. The national average is 149, which has also risen dramatically. What is more concerning is the infection rate in Lincoln itself. This now stands at 280 cases per 100,000. The last time I wrote it stood at 178.

As a result of the above data and the impending national lockdown, I will be strengthening our Covid security measures from this week. Whilst this mainly affects only staff, it is prudent to share this with you all.

Firstly, our risk assessment has always been clear. Parents should not attend our site under any circumstances without an appointment. Whilst I am incredibly grateful to the overwhelming majority of parents who have supported us with this so far this academic year, despite several communications from me, this has been routinely ignored by a small group. If you do not have an appointment we will not be able to meet with you. Please ring ahead so that we may try to accommodate you. We will also be ensuring that we only meet face to face from now on in the most serious of circumstances. This is being done to protect all students and staff at the Academy.

You will have seen in the press that the national lockdown will see us remain open as normally as possible. For this to happen and be successful, we will need your support as infections continue to rise. We will not see the benefit of any lockdown for at least a fortnight so I need to ensure that the site is, and remains, Covid-secure. This is a mammoth task on a daily basis so please help us to help you keep your children in school until Christmas without disruption.

From today, all meetings will revert to virtual settings. I will be holding no staff briefings except via email and all teacher meetings will revert to Microsoft Teams, even if the meetings are internal only. This is to ensure we can comply with the Rule of 6 amongst adults, especially as infections continue to rise.

In addition, I will be sending all staff home by 4.30pm each day so that site staff and my cleaning team can have the full run of the site to double down on any areas which need deep cleaning or urgent maintenance. This will not be negotiable and staff will be expected to comply.

Any site tours that were booked in will be postponed and rearranged for after the national lockdown ends. I want to ensure that I limit all forms of risk in every scenario over the next month.

It is only with this level of meticulousness that we will be able to continue to provide the service we offer. I expect that students and parents will see little or no change to the service we offer as this is our core aim.

If any parents have any concerns at all, please contact us at the Academy using the email address This will make it directly to me where I will be able to help and will do my best to prioritise your concern.

During Wave 2 of the virus, we will stand our posts for all students until such time as someone turns the lights out and advises me that I must close the Academy. It is the right and proper thing to do. Rest assured we will battle on, but, it is a battle. My staff are moving mountains but they are world-weary, even after the half term, as we have been preparing for the coming half term and its various challenges. We will need you to be understanding and to support us in what will be a massive task. Where possible, we will remain as ‘normal.’ Where this isn’t possible I will tell you. In the meantime, we will continue to offer you the best of ourselves to ensure we leave no student behind and serve our fine community to the best of our ability.

In the words of Margaret Thatcher, “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”

Well here we go.

Have a good week.

I will write again soon. Yours sincerely

Mr D Hardy

Head Teacher

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