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COVID-19 Update 18-03-2020 (Post Government Announcement)

Dear Parent/Carer

I am writing to you after the Government announcement at teatime today that all schools will close from the end of the week.

I am now expected to plan to open with a skeleton staff only in order to support the community’s needs where vulnerable pupils will need care, such as those with an EHCP or those with social worker involvement.

In addition, I intend to plan to ensure that those children of key workers, such as Police personnel, frontline NHS staff and delivery drivers, all receive adequate support in caring for their children during school hours, if needed.

As a result of this announcement I am writing to ask you, where possible, to ensure that you keep your children at home. However, if you know that you will need to send your child to school and will need to access our service from next Monday, please contact the Academy as soon as possible so that we can plan to staff this provision. Please give us as much notice as possible in order for us to do this as the size of the task is significant in such unprecedented conditions.

Please note, we will be unable to staff this skeleton service for any parents not in these specific groups as identified today by the Government. In addition, if we do not hear from you, we will assume you may not require this service and will plan accordingly.

Finally, although it looks unlikely that we will see a traditional examination period this summer, our Year 11 mock examinations will continue until the end of this week as planned. We are not yet aware of the mechanism by which the Government will authorise the award of qualifications but these papers provide us with valuable evidence so that we may ensure all of our children are treated fairly in what are unique circumstances. At this time, I am unable to elaborate until further announcements are made but, rest assured, I will be going into bat for all of our young people, regardless of the challenges faced.

I realise that these are acute and extreme conditions under which we are now operating. Equally, I am conscious that it is very difficult to please everyone. I ask that you bear with us as we listen, understand and try to process what is now required of us in a tight turnaround.

I remain fully committed to serving my community in the best way I can. I will remain in touch for as long as is practicable in the circumstances as we navigate new territory.

With very best wishes

Mr D. Hardy


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