Curriculum Intent

The curriculum is designed to enable all young people to become successful learners who:

  • have the essential learning skills of literacy, numeracy and information and communication technology;
  • are creative, resourceful and able to identify and solve problems;
  • have enquiring minds and think for themselves;
  • communicate in a range of ways;
  • understand how they learn and learn from their mistakes;
  • can learn independently and with others, and
  • enjoy learning and are motivated to achieve.

The curriculum is designed to enable all young people to become confident individuals who:

  • can live a healthy and fruitful life
  • have a sense of self worth and personal identity;
  • relate well to others and form good relationships;
  • are self aware and deal with their emotions;
  • are physically competent and confident;
  • manage risk and stay safe, and
  • are willing to try new things and make the most of opportunities.

The curriculum is designed to enable all young people to become responsible citizens who:

  • have the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to succeed in education, work and life.
  • have well-honed skills for life and work;
  • are enterprising;
  • are able to work with, and respect, others;
  • have an understanding of the significance of British values alongside the ability to appreciate the benefits of diversity;
  • sustain and improve the environment, locally and globally; above all our curriculum is designed to help students towards becoming happy and successful members of the community.

The curriculum aims are reflected in the life of the students through their engagement with Academy as well as community initiatives.  Student Leadership within the Academy highlights the many areas in which students excel, including their many sporting achievements, involvement with fund-raising for national and local charities, publicising information about disadvantaged students, electing their own Student Leadership Team and promoting independent learning. Within the wider community our students help lead and support sports clubs and young people’s uniformed groups including RAF, Army and Sea Cadets, scouts and guides, working with younger members of the community to great effect.

Should you have any questions about our curriculum, please contact Mr P. Ward, Assistant Head Teacher on the academy telephone number or at

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