Joining Us From Primary

A welcome from Mr Adlington, Head of Year 7

May I take this opportunity to say welcome to our SRPA community and to invite you on your first steps along your SRPA journey?

Transition between Year 6 and Year 7 can create many questions that you want to ask. The aim of this site is to give you all the information you need to know before you start with us.

We pride ourselves here on success and positive relationships and it will not be long now before you have the chance to embark upon a long and successful time here with us.

I understand that you may be feeling nervous at the thought of starting at a new school, but don’t forget that everyone in your year group will be in the same position. See this as an opportunity to begin an exciting new journey with us.

The information contained in this site has been provided by our current students and members of staff; we hope that you will enjoy your time here and look forward to you joining us very soon.

Who’s who in the Year 7 Team

Mr Adlington – Head of Year 7 and Science Teacher

Mrs Parkinson / Mrs Joicey – Transition and Y7 Student Services Manager

Mrs Gadsby – 7.1 Form Tutor and Science Teacher

Mrs Rodgers – 7.2 Form Tutor and Deputy Head of MFL

Mrs V Payne – 7.2 Form Tutor and MFL Teacher

Mrs Fragle – 7.3. Form Tutor, PE Teacher and Head of York House

Mrs Dunlop – 7.3 Form Tutor and MFL Teacher

Mrs Mather – 7.4 Form Tutor and Geography Teacher

Mr Schofield – 7.4 Form Tutor and Science Teacher

Miss Earnshaw – 7.5 Form Tutor, Art Teacher, DofE Leader and World Challenge Leader

Miss Frost – 7.6 Form Tutor and English teacher

Mrs Hughes – 7.7 Form Tutor and Head of MFL / ICT

Mrs Gray – 7.7 Form Tutor and Art Teacher

Miss Howick – 7.8 Form Tutor and PE Teacher

Mr Papaioannou – 7.9 Form Tutor and EFP Teacher

Mrs K Payne – 7.10 Form Tutor and Technology Teacher

The House System at SRPA

SRPA has a house system that incorporates commitment, responsibility, service and competition. When you start with us, you will be allocated in to one of our houses.

You will have the opportunity to take part in activities to represent your team and earn merits for you and your house. These activities may take place during the school day or after school. They may include: football, netball, photography, cricket, rounders, basketball, science quiz, badminton, bench ball, MFL competitions, an art competition and many more.

There will also be a sports day in the summer that involves the whole school competing in different events e.g. 100 metres, shot putt and the high jump. At the end of the day, the results will be announced and the merits will go towards the Governor’s Cup that will be awarded in the whole school assembly at the end of the year.

SRPA House Points

SRPA House Points are rewards that are given to students for any good reason!

This includes:

Independent learning, attendance, reports, form activities, engagement and participation in lessons, house activities,
extra-curricular activities, good manners

Every member of staff can award these!

Try to collect as many as possible to climb high up the league table and access rewards!

Rewards include:

Reward afternoon, queue jump passes for the canteen, badges, stationery, high street vouchers, invitations to celebration Movie Nights and BBQs.

Collect as many as you can!

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