Our 2019 Key Stage 4 Results


The following table shows our Key Stage 4 results from summer 2019. Along the right hand side of the webpage you will find various links to the relevant Department for Education (DfE) documents which explain some of the performance table measures in greater detail.

2019 Performance Table headline measures:

% of students achieving:20192019 Provisional National
Progress 8-0.330
Attainment 843.146.5
BASICS 9-7 โ€“ English and Mathematics 9-75.7%11.6%
BASICS 9-5 โ€“ English and Mathematics 9-540.8%43.0%
BASICS 9-4 โ€“ English and Mathematics 9-463.5%64.4%
% Entering Ebacc27.0%40.0%
EBacc Standard Pass (9-4)13.7%24.8%
EBacc Strong Pass (9-5)10.0%17.0%

Key Stage 4 Results Table 2019

% of students achieving:20192019 Provisional National
9-7 in English12.8%22.4%
9-5 in English55.5%60.6%
9-4 in English75.4%76.7%
9-7 in Mathematics11.8%18.7%
9-5 in Mathematics49.8%48.5%
9-4 in Mathematics71.1%70.5%

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