Our Key Stage 4 Curriculum

The essential purpose of the school is to enable students to fulfill their potential, not merely as separate personalities but also as contributory members of the community.

Key Stage 4 refers to the last two years of secondary education before post-16 study: Years 10 and 11. As a school, we aim to provide effective courses and learning experiences which provide the maximum number of opportunities for our students to:

  • develop their academic, physical and other abilities;
  • achieve the best qualifications possible; and,
  • progress further in education and employment.

The curriculum is designed to enable all young people to become responsible British and world citizens who:

  • are well prepared for life and work;
  • are enterprising;
  • are able to work with and respect others;
  • understand their own cultures and traditions alongside others appreciating the benefits of diversity; and,
  • sustain and improve the environment, locally and globally.

The curriculum allows for a degree of choice through the options system; please consult the individual pages below for details of our current Year 10 and Year 11 curricula, and the options available for our current Year 9.

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