Special Educational Needs/Disabilities

"Teachers check pupils' understanding often. Pupils who struggle receive extra support. This includes pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities." - Ofsted, November 2019

Here at SRPA, we ensure that our academy is accessible for any student with SEND. As part of our aim to facilitate all students, we have lift access to our upper floors which enable some of our students to access the range of facilities we have above the ground floor. Many of our classrooms are on the ground floor, including some newly renovated classrooms for the 2018/2019 academic year. Across the entire academy, students have the luxury of wide, open plan corridors to facilitate easier navigation and allow students the space to move accordingly across the site. Ramped access is also something we offer, this enables some of our students easier access into the buildings and enables them to use the facilities we have to offer.

SEND Info report - website

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