Our International Dimension

International Dimensions

We are committed to giving pupils the opportunity to engage with and learn from other countries and cultures. We have established relationships with organisations across the world and this enables our students to take up their place within a diverse global community.

World Challenge

We have worked with World Challenge for many years. World Challenge expeditions give our students the opportunity to travel to a wide range of countries all over the world and develop skills outside of a classroom environment. The aims of the organisation are to teach young people life skills in a real life context including leadership, money management, communication, travel experience, culture interaction, team work and physical and mental strength to name but a few.

A World Challenge expedition is not your usual school trip as the young people are the ones leading and making decisions as a team on a daily basis. SRPA has been working with World Challenge since 2007 and during that time over a hundred of our students have benefitted from the diverse range of opportunities which the organisation has to offer and travelled to over 12 countries. In the summer of 2019, we will be visiting Sri Lanka and in the summer of 2020 we will be travelling to Swaziland.

More information about World Challenge can be found here:



We are also benefit from our active involvement in international exchanges through the Erasmus+ programme. Erasmus+ has opportunities for people of all ages, helping them develop and share knowledge and experience at institutions and organisations in different countries.

Our current project is ‘Rhythms of success’, an arts-based project which provides students from the Academy the opportunity to be involved in a bilateral exchange with partner schools in Poland and Germany.

During this academic year students have attended the first of the project’s four exchange visits (this time based in Germany) during which they had the opportunity to work with students from our partner schools in a variety of lessons.

We are incredibly proud of the way in which our students from years 9, 10 and 11 embraced the opportunity and immersed themselves in numerous activities.

In 2019 we will be hosting students from our partner schools and participating in a further trip to Germany and one to Poland; these will involve students from years 9, 10 and 12.

More information about Erasmus can be found here:


In addition, we provide opportunities throughout the year for students to experience different European countries, including Italy, Spain and Russia.

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