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Student Curriculum Plan for Week 13 (06-07 – 10-07)

Please find below copies of our curriculum plan for students currently working from home.

Message for Y7 – Y10 and Y12 students

This week sees the start of the Academy’s Celebrating Student Success process. This will provide students the opportunity to demonstrate their engagement and progress by completing end of year assessment work. Teachers will be using the outcome of these subject assessments to complete individual reports that will be published before the summer break. Please see the curriculum plans below for further details.

Message for Y11 students

Please be aware that all transition work must be submitted for the deadline of Monday 13 July 2020. Please see the curriculum plan below for further details.

Our student curriculum for all students working can also be found on Frog. Links to the curriculum for each year group have been placed on the front page of the student dashboard, as well as on the notice board.

Students login to with the username and password they use to access the school computers. They should know these details but if they cannot remember their password, please email to request a password reset. Please email us from an email address that you have supplied to the school, and include the students username so we can verify your identity. We will not accept emails from unknown addresses or from students personal email addresses.

Parents will also be able to find the student curriculum on the Parent Portal. If you are unaware of your Parent Portal login details, guidance can be found on the following page:

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