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Our Latest Production

Beauty and the Beast

Cast List (in order of appearance):

Narrator – Louise Farmer, Amber Horstead

Opening scene actors – Olivia Hackney, Melissa Burton, Liam Wallace

Belle – Charlotte Martin, Tillie Dale

Aristocratic lady – Beatrix Mullxhi

Fish seller- Beth Sleight

Egg Man – Noah Strand,

Sausage curl girl, Anastasia Ronin

Baker, Lucy Davies

Lady with Baby – Holly Gale

Candle Man –Kiara Taylor

Hat Seller – Evelyn Dunthorne

Milkmaid – Ashlee Glanville

Shepherd boy – Elliot Stripling

Bookseller – William Sleight, Beatrix Mullxhi

Lefou – Dylan Hill, Ellie Goodenough, James Pead

Gaston – Colin Sergeant, Will Brunson

Silly girls – Jessica Ellis, Jenna Welsh, Chelsea Richmond, Ellie Richmond, Regan Good, Scarlett Hush, Emma Holt

Maurice – Cole Tinsley, Daniel Wall

Cogsworth – Olivia Williams, Emily Fenn

Lumiere – Will Woods, Sam Seddon

Mrs Potts –Ellie Green

Chip – Lauren Holt, Kayla Hedley

Babette –Lucy Potts, Freya Dawson

Beast – Harvey Nolan

Wardrobe – Rachel Betts, Molly Johnson

Cronies, Jonathan White, Samuel Jefferson, Lauren Auger, Olivia Berry

Monsieur D’arque – Jo Farley, Oliver Wilson Parker

Dancers / wolves – Olivia Thompson, Lucy Voakes, Sarah Doherty, Jenna Welsh, Emily Houltby, Olivia Briggs, Izzy Toyne


(Villagers, objects, bar drinkers, mob)

Emily Blanchard, Ella Cawkwell, Hannah Fox, Kiara Taylor, Kirsty Ward, Tegan Frodsham, Alisha Adair, Amber Dunne, Amelia Leatherhead, Charlotte Warr, Mya Taylor, Kaitlin Johnson, Katie Gayle, Katelyn Abrol, Beth Hill, Sophie Martin, Meliha Dosanje, Mia Thornley

All ensemble will be able to try for dancing parts and extra lines throughout the show rehearsal process



ASST. DIRECTORS – Ms P, Miss Byrne, Mr Swannack

STUDENT DIRECTOR – Harrison Rushby, Harvey Nolan





Our Last Production

Bugsy Malone


Congratulations to everyone who auditioned this year, including those of you who are joining us for the first time! We saw some amazing auditions and it was fantastic to see how some of you have grown in confidence.

The list below is the final cast list, however; please be aware that if you are not attending rehearsals and notified Mrs Harrison or myself, some of your lines may be distributed to other cast members.
EVERYONE who auditioned has a role in the show! You will all have your own script and it is your responsibility to look after it. If you lose it, you will have to borrow from a friend and get it copied again. The rehearsal schedule states what pages are being covered in rehearsals and you will need to check if that involves you.

BUGSY – Jake Webb
LAUGHING BOY – Oliver Wilson Parker
BENNY LEE – Ethan Caseman
YONKERS – Jo Farley
FLASH FRANKIE – Jonathan White
GIRL SINGERS – Freya Dawson Fields, Mia Jeal, Rachel Betts,
Charlotte Bousfield, Lucy Voakes, Sarah Holt
FIZZY – Harrison Rushby
POP BECKER –Luke Smith
BLOUSEY – Ellie Green, Ellie Goodenough
DOODLE – Kieran Read
FAT SAM – Lauren Holland, Colin Sargeant
KNUCKLES – Cole Tinsley
PAPERBOY – Jack Johnson
RADIO ANNOUNCER – Scarlett Rawson
LOUIS – Michael Cox
SNAKE EYES – Harry Barber
WAITRESS – Allie Shrimpton
FOREIGN REPORTERS – Will Woods, Jessica Ellis
LOUELLA – Rosie Wray
DANDY DAN – Harvey Nolan
BUTLER – Reeve Epton
TILLIE – Kayla Robinson
LORETTA – Ellie Richmond
DOTTY – Kirsty Ward
BANGLES – Olivia Williams
VELMA – Beth Jeal
FAT SAMS GIRLS – Sophie Martin, Maddy Clark, Lucy Davis, Jenna Welsh,
Mia Kelly, Beatrice Mullxhi, Louise Farmer, Ellie Goulton, Mollie Johnson, Emma Holt.
TALLULAH – Charlotte Martin, Hannah Toogood
SINGER – Regan Good
OSCAR DE VELT – Logan Dak Elms
MARBINI – Lucy Potts
DUMMY – Scarlett Hush
LENA MORELLI – Lucy Fielden
O’DREARY –Adam Powles
SMOLSKY – Jonathan Fielden
VIOLINIST – Rachel Epton
RITZY – Luke Smith
SHADY – Freya Henshaw
LAUNDRY WORKERS – All ensemble –
UNDERTAKERS – Katelyn Abrol, Olivia Berry
LEROY – Isaac Farley
CAGEY JOE – Sam Seddon
BOXERS – Liam Wallace
PICKETT – Charlotte Ruff
BARMAN JOE – Oliver Wilson Parker
BABYFACE – Daniel Wall

If roles become available, they will be given out to those who are making an effort and who deserve the chance.

Let’s make this show the best yet!!


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Our Previous Production


Dates 11, 12, 13 February 2015, 7pm.

The academy staged a production of Oliver, which finished on Fri 13 February, with pupils from six different primary schools involved in the cast.

Children from North Scarle, Fosse Way, Witham St Hughes, St Michaels (Thorpe on the Hill), South Hykeham and All Saints schools were all involved in the three-day run of the musical. All the primary pupils had to learn songs as well as choreography and have been working with staff from Sir Robert Pattinson since October.

The principal cast of more than 50, and the backstage team of ten, were all made up of students from Sir Robert Pattinson, along with a few staff members. It is the first time the academy has incorporated pupils from primary schools into the produce on itself and it meant the overall cast for the show exceeded 200. “Both the development work and this year’s hugely ambitious musical produce on, our biggest ever, show just how committed we are to the cultural development of the school,” said Headteacher Mrs H Renard. “We pride ourselves on the growing success of the school in academic results but we recognise those achievements can only come if the school provides a happy and rich community for our students. “The cultural element of the school is important to our future success and a thriving arts scene is a key part of that culture. “Staff and students were really excited about the project and we want to thank all the people who helped turn our ambitions into a reality.”

dancing 1

February 2014 – HAIRSPRAY!

In February of 2013, we put on our musical Hairspray to sell out audiences every night. The cast featured many regular faces, as well as a few new ones. Hairspray follows the story of Tracy Turnblad, a larger than life teen who breaks all the rules to show that everyone is equal. With her high hair and passionate personality, Tracy takes on ‘the man’ and sticks it to him Beehive style!
We featured over 40 performers on stage and were supported backstage by various students and staff. Working very closely with Miss Burch in the Music department, we also had our own live orchestra of students and staff to accompany our performance. But the community feeling did not stop there! A huge thank you also goes to the various parents who helped us out, including Ms Kelly (of the infamous triplets), Mrs Pedersen, chief sewer of skirts, Mrs Chetwynd for her donation of three fabulous Hairspray cakes and Mr R Paterson, who offered his DIY prowess, making our giant 7’ hairspray can and confetti machine.

February 2013 – Back to the 80s, the totally awesome musical!

February 2012, brought us, Back to the 80s, the totally awesome musical! A fantastic three nights of 80s fun, big hair and yes, dancing! Following on from a small show the previous year, we hit the stage with 40 students performing various hits from the 80s. Back to the 80s the totally awesome musical! Follows Corey as he makes his way through the last year of high school, falling in love, discovering CDs and mobile phones and holding parties where everyone dances on the ceiling. This modern musical reaches out to everyone who ever owned a hypercolour T shirt, was flummoxed by a Rubik cube or danced like it was the time of their lives. We even managed to finish our show with the famous lift from Dirty Dancing, surrounded by a cheering audience.

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