Our Specialisms

Our specialisms focus us on areas of education we believe are important; and have inspired and developed every other area of the school.

Why languages, mathematics and science?

We believe in a balanced and wide ranging curriculum which engages all of our students. Becoming an educated person is initially about gaining an elementary education in all the subjects. However, we recognise that having specialisms can develop the whole school and we chose our specialist subjects to enhance the value of our students, and to provide a range of opportunities they may encounter when they leave us and move into the world. Our specialisms enhance our curriculum.


Our language specialism

Sir Robert Pattinson Academy has a strong international dimension which has developed from our language specialism. Our specialist language suite was opened in 2002 by HRH Princess Anne. The school has been rewarded for its outstanding work in bringing the wider world into the classroom, first receiving the prestigious International School Award in 2008, and achieving re-accreditation ever since. The academy has a range of international partner schools with which it works and holds international themed days over the year.
Students study a language throughout their time at the school and have the opportunity to study French, German, Spanish and Russian. There are a number of travel opportunities, some heavily subsidised through out partnerships; in the past these have included visits to Germany, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Russia, China, France, the Caribbean, Norway and Thailand to name but a few.

Our mathematics specialism

Our mathematics department is outstanding and, each year, students make excellent progress as a result of outstanding teaching. We support the local area by running revision days for GCSE students and by training new teachers. Our headteacher is a mathematician and formerly the head of department; as one of the core and most important subjects for young people of today and tomorrow, this specialism ensures students have excellent opportunities to develop.
A large number of students go on to further study of mathematics and further mathematics.

Our science specialism

A quality education in the sciences is a pre-requisite for many tradition and modern careers from engineering to analysis and research. We have a highly qualified department, including staff qualified to PhD level, which allows students access to people whose subject knowledge is outstanding. Many students each year go on to study the sciences at university level and the sixth form provision is a key part of our science specialist status.

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