We believe that music enriches the education of our students; many are learning instruments or take part in the array of productions, bands, groups and choirs.

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

Our Provision

Our music department is a fabulous place to learn and to get involved. Through music lessons, students learn about the wide variety of music that is enjoyed across the globe, as well as musical theory and how to play a selection of instruments. In extra-curricular music lessons, students can pursue their particular interests whether that be to train classically on piano or in a more contemporary vein as a vocalist or guitarist.

John Alexander & Concert

John Alexander left the school his entire estate; the funds were used to build our music block. The facilities include two dedicated music classrooms and a third with specialised recording studio. There is also a suite of music practice rooms where students can practise music in their free time or take lessons.

The John Alexander concert is an annual event, with a large number of students performing; it celebrates the skill of the many students studying music within the Academy while also commemorating the school’s most generous benefactor.

Why choose Music?

• You will develop an understanding and appreciation of all kinds of music ranging from the past and present, the western classical tradition and other world cultures
• You will develop your musical skills and your understanding of how to make music both individually and in groups
• You will learn to evaluate your own and others’ music
• You will have the opportunity to develop a wide range of broader life-skills such as:
Creativity, Critical Thinking, Emotional Awareness, Cultural Understanding, Self-discipline, Self-confidence, Self-motivation
• You will be taking a worthwhile course which not only offers a recognised qualification, but also prepares you for further studies (A levels, diplomas etc…)

Subsidised Music Lessons

We believe all students should have the opportunity to learn an instrument. That’s why our music lessons are subsidised; there is still a cost but we spent around £10000 last year making them more affordable. Find out more by asking in the department.

Extra Activities



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