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Year 7 Snack Bar Idol Final

As part of  their ASPIRE programme Year 7 were given an enterprising  challenge of putting together a business pitch to run a mobile catering unit on a busy industrial estate and present it to a panel of local employers. Organised into small teams the Year 7 put their business pitches together and then presented to their form members. Each form then chose the best presentation that would represent their form in the final.

After three weeks of preparations the day of the final arrived. The judging panel of Nick Chambers CEO Lace Housing, Katie Riley Selenity, Debbie Wright Catering Manager at Lincoln Coop , Danielle Weatherley and Sally Beckett of Lindum Group and our own Mr Ward took their places at the front of the Hall.

After a welcome from Mr Ward and an introduction of the judges our resident compere Mr Curtis invited 7.1 to start the final off with their pitch for a company called Snack Bar Idol Deluxe.

The judges were looking for a clear, informative and interesting presentation that displayed a range of employability skills.

Once all the forms had presented their business pitch to the judges, year 7 students and their tutors, Mr Ward then  gathered all the scores and Nick  Chambers revealed the top three  in reverse order.

In third place was 7.2 with their business Smoothie let’s get Groovy, in second place 7.6 with their  business Yoots and the winners of the Snack Bar Idol Final 2017 was 7.9  Grace Chambers, Liam Coupland, Bess Harrison, Kyden Jenkins Jade Kennedy and Katelyn Nicola with their business Motor Much.

The Snack Bar Idol Trophy was presented to the winning team by Nick Chambers from Lace Housing and each student received a replica of the trophy and a gift

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